Family Coding Day Session Resources

Thanks for Joining Hausner for Family Coding Day

Family Coding Day is an annual event to get kids and parents, even grandparents, programming together. We deploy 1 device for every 2 participants and help them work together to explore so many ways to connect through programming.

programming in the Primary Grades CoverSession A      Code with the Fuzzes

Session B      Scratch Jr

Session C      Dot and Dash 

Session D      My Robotic Friends (Cup Stacking)

Session E      Coding as Dance

Session F      C++

Session G      Kano Pixel Hack

Session H      CodeMonkey

Session I        Sphero and Sprk

Session J      The Foos

Session K     Scratch

Session L      PythonRoom

Session N     CodeCombat

Session O     Binary Bracelets

If you are looking for more ideas to use programming to support student learning please check out the book Programming in the Primary Grades: Beyond the Hour of Code.